Chris Dupre

Professional Guitarist

   Hello, I'm Chris Dupre a Professional Guitarist with 33 years of experience in Rock, Blues and Metal as well as Country and Jazz music. With an extensive history traveling and performing with various bands I eventually turned to a solo act, offering unique guitar solos every night. You can learn much more about me and my music here:

What you will learn:

Basic Theory

    I'll help you get familiar with the fretboard so you know what you're doing as you do it by teaching you the notes and quick references to help memorize them as well as expanding chord vocabulary and patterns.

Finger Exercises
   These are crucial to the proper development of individual technique. I cannot stress this enough. It's my belief that if you have the strength in your hand you can play anything and I have a library of exercises that will have your hands communicating in no time.

Lead Techniques
   I can show you the licks, tricks and proper navigation of a scale on a chord progression.

Ear Training
   Having a good ear is probably the number one tool every guitarist must have for success at any level. I will get you started on the proper identification of what you hear and interpreting it to the fret board.

Introductory Video

 Just saying hello to everybody and giving you a glimpse into what The Guitar Coach has to offer......

Live On-Line Lessons!

  The Guitar Coach now offers lessons to the world! Using FaceTime, Skype, MSN messenger or any video chat service you can learn from Chris. This is also a excellent alternative to cancelling a lesson due to illness or travel...